Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michelle Obama Arrives for State Visit to South Africa Dressed in Duro Olowu

Michelle Obama, the US First Lady, and her daughters and mother arrived in South Africa last night. I have to say I am excited. What a privilege for all those people who have the opportunity to meet her, be inspired by her and are able to absorb some of that Obama magic. Michelle Obama may be a First Lady, but she is also a passionate, intelligent, stylish woman who more than capably - and with a full dose of realism - juggles motherhood, a public profile and a huge job. And she almost never puts a style foot wrong in the full glare of the world's lenses. Who wouldn't be inspired by her? I would give anything to meet her and quiz her on her impeccable style choices.
She arrived in Africa last night wearing one of her favourite designers - Duro Olowu - Nigerian, by way of London. She has often worn this label (see below) including on her last visit to the Oprah show, with her husband. Appropriate and pretty, I believe. Well, played Michelle. Now let's see what else you have for us in the style department. I know several SA designers in whose clothing you would look amazing. Are we going to see any? The anticipation is killing me!

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