Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella is a Red Head

I am not a ginger. I wish I was. But I am not. And so I surround myself with the best of them, where possible, love them and brand my blog with an image so ginger that there can be no mistaking how I feel. If red heads ever were to have a fashion moment, it is now. And it is beautiful. And if we thought it was some kind of flight of fashion fancy, we are now proved unutterably wrong as the most conventional of all measures of beauty - the beauty pageant - has now also acknowledged the ginger for the very first time. The new Miss USA 2011 was crowned on Sunday. She is Alyssa Campanella, she is Miss California, she dates an actor from The Tudors, and she is a red head!
This dress was designed by Sherri Hill to accentuate her colouring. Very well played all. How exciting. I hope all the gingers who have been mocked all their lives relish this moment and enjoy every single one of us who wishes we were more like them. You deserve it.

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