Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet, Featuring Terry Pheto

Now usually I wouldn't bother with a daytime awards show. Let's face it, the soapie thespians tend a little toward bad taste. There was much chatter on the twitter yesterday from the international fashion commentators (like Joe Zee) who were rather horrified by the red carpet looks on show at the 2011 Daytime Emmy Awards, held on Sunday. But I had a reason to go looking this year. You see our very own Terry Pheto is now part of the cast of The Bold and The Beautiful, which won the prize for Best Drama. Terry was dressed in Thula Sindi and looked spectacular in that incredible electric violet dress - you can see her on the far left, top row of the cast photo below. Thula tells me that he was given complete design carte blanche for the dress. He and Terry discussed the colour over BBM, but he couriered it to her in Los Angeles unseen, and it fitted perfectly. They really are designer and muse, those two. And we had a SA-designer dress at the Emmys! Yay to both Thula and Terry.
And maybe Terry will be the one accepting an awards at next year's event. Let's just hope she is still wearing proudly South African.
While we are on the Emmys, I did see a few dresses that I thought were lovely. Kristolyn Lloyd, Terry's castmate from The Bold wore that stunning tangerine halter and looked superb. General Hospital's Laura  Wright was impeccable in that beautiful draped blush gown. She also won for Best Actress in a Drama. And Marlee Matlin was definitely one of the most glamorous in her pink column dress and curls.
Also. let's not forget Uber-boss (due to arrive in South Africa this week) Oprah, who won the lifetime award, as is appropriate. She accepted via video with the team.

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