Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exclusive Tom Ford Documentary on OWN

"You know I have never let anyone film me like this before," says Tom Ford. Of course uber boss, Oprah Winfrey can film whom ever she wants for her programming. On the new OWN network, she convinced the enigmatic, on-his-own-terms Mr Tom Ford to submit to a camera crew and a lot of very deep probing, revealing his true feelings on everything from open-neck shirts to his mid-life crisis.
Captured in a hour-long documentary called, Visionaries: Tom Ford, we see how the ebbs and flows in his fashion career impact on both his mental health and professional standing. It's quite a coup for OWN, and we can expect to see some of this content flow through to us at the magazine, and eventually - hopefully - onto our screens here in South Africa.
The most unexpected and profound of the trails I have come across so far have Tom confessing, "I have, sometimes, mixed feelings about what we do because we convince people that they're not perfect enough. We promote materialism, which is ultimately not the thing that brings you happiness in the world."
Never was a more true word uttered, and yet...

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