Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 MTV Music Awards Red Carpet: Best Dressed

Cute little dresses were definitely the winning look for this year's MTV Music Awards show. My personal favourite was the Giambattista Valli dress that Selena Gomez wore. It is a sophisticated colour combination, subtle, with retro references - and yet it embraced her youth and charm perfectly. I really love it and wish we could see more of this sort of thing on the red carpet. a 'played' must go to Selena's stylist, Basia Richard for this look.
I was almost as fond of Emma Stone's Bottega Veneta outfit. The hint of mustard, the velvet ribbon, the lace and the cuteness of the proportions all spoke to me. Of course all these 'best dressed' things are personal taste, and this little outfit was to mine. Petra Flannery is Emma's stylist.
The other Emma is not to my taste usually. Having never seen a Harry Potter movie (as I am an adult without children) I cannot see the charm of Emma Watson. You guys know this. I also know that I am in the minority and many of you think she is the business. And I have to say that this Marchesa dress is lovely. Jolly nice on the neckline and shoulders. Well fitted. elegant. You win this round.
And Mila Kunis was one of those who I wasn't sure whether to put her on the Balmain spangle list or the best dressed list. The black suede Blamain top tipped her into this one. Just the right amount of spangle was the ticket. And she doesn't look like it was an effort. Petra Flannery also styles for Mila so I double-doff my cap to her red carpet prowess this awards show. Good work.

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