Friday, May 27, 2011

Halle Berry Is At It Again - Your Opinion Please

I posted a while ago that I was concerned that Halle Berry was having a mid-life style crisis. I noticed how her dresses were getting increasingly see-through and that inexplicable and unnecessary cut-outs were appearing. And while we all acknowledge that lady Halle is one of the hottest, fittest, most gorgeous looking women in the world, it wasn't always shown off to best effect by, well, baring all.
And this week she has been at it again. Only this time it is slightly more embarrassing as a 20-year old American Idol contestant wore the self same frock on the show, on the self same day, that beamed its way into millions of homes. It was white. But it actually look better on the nameless wannabe. (Sorry. I believe her name is Karen and she is a lovely girl and singer. But it sounded better the other way and now you all know that I am an American Idol addict. Sigh.)
I just wonder what went through Halle's mind when she saw the Halston creation on the catwalk, and then thought "Not hoochie enough. Must expose belly and hip to be really hot." Um. No, dear. All it does, styled like this, is have a skew hemline and scream Sharon-Stone's sister to me. Toot toot. The Sharon Stone Express is pulling into the station Halle. And your seat is reserved in first class. All aboard!

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