Friday, April 15, 2011

Has Michelle Obama Changed Her Stylist... Again?

Politics is different for everyone. For some it is restricted to local service delivery issues. For others it is an ideological construct. And then there are peeps like me, for whom it is all those things and also about fashion - how power is reflected in colour choices, how popularity is governed by first lady style and how subtle clues to shifts in partisanship can be detected early in style clues. And then there is the politics of the politics of political fashion. Like Michelle Obama's new stylist, Meredith Koop, and has she already been replaced? And what does this mean?
I know. A major political issue of the day, right?

Designer Peter Soronen, who designed these three frocks and at least another three for Mrs O, seemed to let on yesterday that Meredith Koop, whose appointment I posted about here, has 'already gone' and no one is quite sure who has replaced her. Look, Michelle Obama knows her way around an outfit. So my feeling is that this is an admin duty really. All she needs is access to designers and ideas and this she got in spades from her old friend and boutique owner, Ikram Goldman (left). Mrs Goldman has recently had twins so this may have been the reason why someone else stepped in for a while. But I am pretty confident that a combination of her long friendship and successful 'unofficial' stylist role will continue to influence and assist Michelle Obama. And that Michelle Obama's well placed and strong opinions on what she likes and what she wants to wear will continue to be the defining feature of her style. Case solved. Carry on.

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