Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrities Love Their Spanx

Uber boss, Oprah, and A-list actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, are just two famous names who have made no secret of their love for Spanx - the control underwear worn by every self-respecting celebrity on the planet. I am a huge fan myself. Spanx were designed by women and have all the necessary design features to make wearing them as easy as possible. And they are super comfortable. And you can't get them in South Africa except online. I would definitely suggest you do this.
Anyhoodle, dear old Kim Kardashian gave a flash of her Spanx yesterday and it made front pages of the tabloids. She is pretty unashamed about it, tweeting last year, "SPANX are my best friend!"
So I thought I would share some others with you. I had loads to choose from including Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Katy Perry, but settled on Kelly Osbourne and Eva Longoria. It's good to know that even the most stylish celebs need a bit of help to look the way they do. Just like all of us.

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