Friday, April 15, 2011

Dita von Teese Launches New Underwear Range

Of course I follow Dita von Teese on Twitter. You could have guessed that since you know I am a great admirer of her consistently retro style. As are many of you. I know, because you have told me. Well, this week she tweeted the following, "Just signed a new lingerie deal!!! Glam underpinnings in XS to plus-sizes! Launching in Australia, then going global shortly after. Excited!"
First of all the style of the lingerie will hark back to the glamour of the 40s and 50s - as appropriate for a DvT range. Secondly, it is aimed at women of ALL sizes. This is key for Dita. No matter what your dress or bra size, she vehemently believes you can feel sexy. Third, she is designing it for women to look their curvaceous best - to show off their assets in the most flattering way. With so much underwear that seems designed to punish women, this is a delight. And finally, her philosophy isn't for women to look good for men, but for themselves. She says, "indulging in elegant lingerie isn't about the seduction of another person, it's about seducing yourself first and embracing womanhood and femininity.'
The burlesque dancer will work with Australian company Lime Door Brands to design the underwear and will ultimately branch into dresses. We can't wait.

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