Tuesday, March 8, 2011

take me to the candyshop!

hotpink dress: Zara * bikerjacket and clutch: H&M * MEGA booties: HAUS OF PRICE exclusively on Solestruck * arty ring: YSL via Net-a-Porter

what´s a better way to wake up in the morning than a bucket full of sunshine and
receiving the craziest shoes ever?
as the postman rang my bell today, i giddily ran to the door and ripped the box in front of him.
i kinda left him speechless but what´s a girl to do?

if you like them, i suggest you sign up for the waiting list fast.
i heard they´re getting some more.

James Price, based in LA, makes the shoes by hand! (kinda awesome in my book)
as i was opening the package, i could smell the hours of work he´s put on to these shoes and not to mention patience.
i am so proud to own one of his creations.
i can see that the man is going places with his dope footwear!

and i knew exactly how i´d wear them.
more color the merrier!
what do you think?

thank you again solestruck!

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