Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shooting the Cosmopolitan Twitter Queens: Behind the Scenes

Yesterday was a blast. On International Women's Day, I got the opportunity to hang out with some of the most gobby, funny and super-sharp female people from my home town at the shoot for the Cosmopolitan Magazine Twitter Queens campaign. (#COSQueens)
What happened was, in December, a call went out on Twitter for peeps to nominate the women who they felt were the most entertaining/informative in their Twitterverse. Obviously it was subjective but the votes were tallied and a list of 25 names was finalised and arranged into two photo shoots - one in CT and one in Johannesburg. The Cape Town shoot took place yesterday. I already knew quite a few of my fellow Queens - some of my own very favourite people - but got to meet a few more, which is always fun.
Photography was done by @mvzphoto and make up by @slkaye, and one of my own faves, @chillipeppa65. @TomTom_SA and @SonyEricssonSA were the sponsors, although so far I have not sold my soul to them for free swag! Got to say TomTom talks a good game so wait and see...
Suspended in a glass bubble above the ground was an interesting place to spend the morning, but the company of peeps like @CapeTown_Girl, @liezelv, @cow_grrl, @texxonfire, @afashionfriend (all in the photos above) and @Jane_Anne62, @laurenbeukes, @SamWilson1 made it a super great day.
(photo of me in the bubble courtesy of www.capetowngirl.co.za)

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