Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sofia Vergara and Reece Witherspoon Work Out In Style

The person who I most wish would be my mate these days is Sofia Vergara. She just seems like so much FUN. And now that awards season is over, and the new series of Modern Family isn't showing here yet, I miss my dose of 'Colombian flava'.
But she seems to be quite content without a dose of me in her life. Surprisingly. Yesterday she was photographed heading to the gym. Looking great.
I also saw a pic of Reece Witherspoon's work out outfit. She is toning up ahead of her impending nuptials. And i just thought how sensible and Reece-appropriate her work out gear was. Training doesn't have to be a style-free zone, apparently. Hmm. Maybe I should try and use that gym membership of mine?

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