Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katie Holmes Smiles and Looks Amazing

Katie Holmes and her design partner, Jeanne Yang, spent a day in New York this week promoting the new collection of their line, Holmes Yang, which retails at Barneys department store. And they say that when you feel like you look good - you feel good too. Because Katie Holmes put aside her usual sullen expression and looked like she was have a great day out with her girls. Smiling all the while.
First of all, I think it is great that she loves this part of her work. I really can't say if she is any good as a designer (next visit to New York will include a visit to Barneys to check out the togs), but it is great that she seems to enjoy it so much.
Second, she really does look good. Especially in that silver grey Lanvin skirt, tank from The Row and Nina Ricci bolero. Don't get me wrong, classic camel is good too. As is her younger, edgier, leather trousers look and polka dot heels - very fashion forward. But the pretty skirt is my favourite.

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