Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Kate Moss. And This Time It Is Fresh. Kinda.

I have, of late, grown weary of Kate Moss and her rather predictable shenanigans. We have seen her naked more times than we ever cared to. And the smoking stunt. Well. Whatevs. Yawn.
But when I saw this photo yesterday - in the red tie, shot by her bestie Mario Testino - I really loved it. It reminded me why I liked her in the first place. This isn't a new photo - but it is newly seen and has just been made available for auction, alongside images of Marilyn Monroe, Courtney Love and others.
You could get hold of this photograph for yourself if you like. Bids start at £400. But I am guessing the hammer is going to fall on a much, much higher price.

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