Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Royal Wedding Style: Kate Wears Burberry

So Alex and I were JUST saying that, as a great, classic, British designer, Kate Middleton should wear a spot of Burberry! And look here - on a 'Shrove Tuesday' walkabout in Northern Ireland yesterday - she only went and wore a classic trench, with a twist. What was I saying about Burberry trenches just yesterday?
The coat is available for the princely sum of £620 - you too could dress like a princess-to-be if you really saved hard!
But let me comment on two things about this look. First, well done on the opaque tights lady. Good work. Second, she wore the trench with her favourite pair of classic courts for the walk in town, and then, I noticed on the television coverage* of the visit that she swapped them for her equally-favourite suede knee boots for the fence building bit of the visit. I like that she is fashion-practical. I like that she sticks with her favourites. I like that she looks super-chic and that the flare on the hem balances out her super-skinny hips, making her look more shapely. Lots of like here.
* please don't get the idea that I am obsessed, I just happened to have Sky news on and the TV piece came on. Pinky swear.

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