Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Red Carpet 2011: Nude - Who Wore it Best?

The biggest dress trend at the Oscars last night was the shimmery, iridescent nude shades that so many of the leading ladies wore. They all looked lovely, but who wore it best? I couldn't decide, so I asked the office here at O Magazine to vote out of these four. They all had something going for them. For example Gwyneth's Calvin Klein sheath was sleek and sophisticated and was accessorised with gorgeous Louis Vuitton jewellery. But Luisa and Megan couldn't get past the shiny trashiness of the dress and Luisa says, 'I can never trust a smiling Gwyneth.' So she was out. 
Michelle Williams looked quiet and pretty and classy in her Chanel. But Kerry's cry of 'she's a ghost' put everyone off it. Best Supporting Actress, Melissa Leo's dress, (she of the f-word) is intriguing, made as it is from hundreds of mirrors by SA-born designer Mark Bouwer. I was pushing for the local angle, but the design didn't get the sign-off from any of the panel.
And so, by default, the win goes to Mandy Moore who looked 'most Oscar-ish' but the memo has been sent out for nest year - step away from the nude shades ladies, it washes you out. The last word on the matter is anonymous, "couldn't any of them have stretched to putting on a damn necklace to brighten things up?" I will leave it there.

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