Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Red Carpet 2011: Best Dressed

No question at all in my mind who was the best dressed at the Oscars last night. Cate Blanchette. Stunning in Givenchy couture. Soft and beautiful, combined with unexpected and alien. She almost made me weep with joy and prettiness.
Next up was Mila Kunis, in my red-carpet-pick Elie Saab, also looked utterly amazing. Top drawer. Wonderful.
And then there was Dame Helen Mirren. Looking smashing. Looking sexy. Looking like the dame that she is in Vivienne Westwood. Pure, unadulterated class. Although, not without a twinkle of wickedness in her eye.
And I will give the Rodarte on Natalie Portman a final place for the glorious colour, the sophisticated maternity angle and the general loveliness. But not for the short arms. Never for the short arms. They offend me to my core. I can't even watch The Black Swan because no dancer would have such short arms. I've said my piece. We will speak of it no more.

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