Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Birthday's and a Wedding: What the Duchess of Cambridge Wore

It was a big weekend for the UK royals. Not only was it the Queen's official birthday, and therefore the annual Trooping of the Colour, but it was also the crazy old chap Prince Philip's 90th celebrations. And there was a wedding in there somewhere. And so the newly anointed Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, had some outfits to throw together. Not only were two out of the three looks reworked from years previously, but she updated them and made them better!
First up was a new coat. A beautiful cream choice with lovely hip detailing that gave our favourite skinny-ma-link some much needed shape. I particularly liked how much fun Kate seemed to be having the whole time. Peering out a window to watch her husband do his thing down below, giggling with Harry and then with Wills. All jolly good fun. And lovely to see the whole family looking great.
Next up was a friend's wedding that Kate attended with her sister, Pippa. Pips looked a bit dodge but Kate recycled a dress (Zara, I think) from 2007. She slimmed down the belt and added the same hat as earlier to work a much more elegant version of the look that she did four years prior.
And finally, at Philip's church service yesterday, Kate redid the lovely blue coat that she wore to a wedding in 2009. This time she coupled it with a more tonal dress underneath that looks like it is a super silk sheath. And donned her new favourite heels - the LK Bennett nude ones (that both Pippa and mom Carole also have. Sigh.) But much more modern that the black ones she wore last time.
All in all, she looked great. No mis-steps. And considerate under the economic circumstances. She remains accessible, beautiful but down-to-earth. This is a combination that the British public really love and I imagine that her outfits from this past weekend will only serve to endear her even more to people's hearts. She is playing a blinder with her style, this one.

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