Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Tony Awards Red Carpet: Best Dressed

Ah, how I love the luvvies. The Tony Awards red carpet is different from many of the other awards shows in that it just has a smidge more class. You know? No one is trying to be quirky (well except Whoopi, but she is excused because she is Whoopi, obvs.) Also, there are no obvious working girls, if you know what I mean. It is all just a little more elegant...and dramatic. I love seeing the thespians pose for the cameras - it harks back to a different time. And makes me giggle.
Posing up a storm and garnering all sorts of accolades for looking smashing despite her torrid year, was lady Catherine Zeta Jones. Look, this is one gal that always looks amazing in red.
Also looking fabulous in that winning shade of sherbet lemon is a theatre actress called Jennifer Damiano - she is defs my pick for best dressed at this year's Tonys.
Stalwarts Ellen Barkin and Edie Falco looked beautiful in black - with nods to contemporary style in the lace and the asymmetrical neckline. And Judith Light makes it two for two with her second great look of the week. How does she do it?
(Hey. Lay off Judith's big hair. What else would you expect from an 80s TV star? And you didn't see how big Christie Brinkley's was so, shhh.)

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