Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now This Is More Like it Cameron Diaz!

Oh, thank goodness. After a flurry of romper activity, the gorgeousness that is Cameron Diaz has once again embraced the style that we know and love her in - jeans and wee dresses. Ahhh, I can breathe out again. It was getting bad. I mean, if you are habitually wearing something called a 'romper' surely you shouldn't be knocking on the door of 40. The clue is in the name, sister.
But her stylist Rachel Zoe has come up trumps this past couple of days, pairing a Chanel jacket with J Brand jeans and heels in a beautifully chic combination. And hauling out the spangly Pucci dress, as is appropriate for a film premier of an actress with perfect pins. And check out the length - just hitting mid-thigh. Much more flattering. Yay.

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