Friday, June 24, 2011

New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Portrait and Kate Middleton Style Update

OK, so the lovely Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his new wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - or as we know her Kate Middleton - have released a new portrait in advance of their first overseas tour. They head to Canada and briefly to America in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see what we have in store style-wise. This portrait sees the next of many "re-wears" by Kate. The Amanda Wakeley navy suit was worn before her marriage at an official visit in April. But the couple look lovely of course. Just nothing terribly fresh or new this time round.
What I did find interesting was that Kate has decreed that she won't accept any free clothing from retailers or designers. This is a fantastic policy, one that I have absolute respect for. And of course endears her to me so much more. And while she is not using a stylist or a dresser, she has deployed the services of the personal shopping departments at my favourite department stores, Selfridges (above) and Harvey Nicholls in advance of the tour. This means that they can pull items that they think are suitable from the designers that they stock, and present them to Kate so she doesn't have to start from scratch. A very sensible idea given she has 40 looks to put together and no extra budget made available for the trip. Awesome.

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