Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Kim Kardashian v. Charlotte Casiraghi in a Gucci Fash-Off!

So the blogger-sphere is abuzz with the latest in fashion feuds. No, it's not designers at war this time, it is one very aristocratic royal, Charlotte Casiraghi, dressed in an outfit worn less than two weeks later by none other than the current queen of reality TV and self promotion, Kim Kardashian.
Charlotte, eldest daughter (and exact replica) of Princess Caroline of Monacco, wore this Gucci creation to an art event recently. She changed it up a bit from the runway - different shoes, belt worn long and to the front - but instantly recognisable. I saved the image in the hopes of discussing it with you at some point.
I didn't realise that that point would be when Kim Kardashian stepped out in the exact runway outfit a few days later. Yikes.
Now let me lay my cards on the table with regards the fash-off. I happen to think that Charlotte is one of the most beautiful 'it' girls around. I think she is marvelous and I can't wait to see what she wears to the wedding in a couple of weeks. But does this outfit suit her? Um. I think maybe not. One has to admit that Kim rather fills it out better. I respect Charlotte's interpretation, but I think maybe KK takes this by a hair? Any advances on this assessment?

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