Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adele Covers UK Glamour July 2011

I have to admit I buy UK Glamour every month. It sits there on the shelf at Woolies, all affordably priced and I can't help myself, even though I am clearly not their target audience. But if they are going to go ahead and put people like Adele on the cover, what am I supposed to do? She is, literally, brilliant.
Every time I see or hear her, I feel like she fills the world with some light that comes from a place that only the really brave can travel to. There. I've said it.
And she has come over to my side of things on the fashion front too. Adele says in her interview with Glamour, "I’ve got into fashion now. I still love Primark and H&M, but I’m loving Moschino, Burberry, D&G and Prada. I got into them after Anna Wintour dressed me for Vogue for the Grammys. When we were designing the dress, I was like, “I’d go in my leggings and jumper if I could". But I love dressing up now. I love being girlie."
Seriously. This girl can SING. And she can drop phrases like "Anna Wintour dressed me for the Grammys" into conversation. Seriously. I may be a teeny tiny bit jealous.

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