Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haider Ackermann on Victoria Beckham and How He Met The Swinton

Colombian-born, Belgian-raised designer Haider Ackermann (my latest obsession) has been interviewed by WWD recently and dished on all the things that I would have asked him myself. Seriously. Don't you love it when someone can read your mind?
Anyhoo, he loves Victoria Beckham as a designer, describing her collection as “chapeau.” Which means fantastic, of course. Yay.
Like our very own Malcolm Kluk, Ackermann trained with John Galliano. He won't speak any ill of him, under the current circumstances, thankfully and describes his time interning as “...the best study ever. You know, at the time, I had no money, nowhere to stay, so I was sleeping on the street and going every day to work.”
He met his biggest muse and model, the mighty Tilda Swinton, doing karaoke in Paris. Where he was singing Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong. Yes, people. This is a man I could get along with quite well.
Love this guy. Love his designs. So looking forward to seeing more from him.

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