Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Agyness Deyn's Fantasy Book Club for StyleGuideCT

You all know a few things. First, that international supermodel Agyness Deyn was recently in South Africa. Second, that I have a fantasy book club, whose members include me, Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung and Dannii Minogue. And finally, you all know that I love others who share the madness of book club. It's probably my favourite thing ever. That and my Chanel 2.55, you understand.
So when the most fabulous Best Fashion Friend, Robynne Kahn was invited to go to Durban and interview Aggy, I immediately decided to see if this incredible model was one of us. So I asked Robs if she would please ask Aggy who was in her fantasy book club.
Ha! Not only is this northern lass one of us, but I almost want to offer her immediate membership of my book club. (I can't obviously as I have to ask the others first.) Her answers, which she provided with glee:
1. Her gran (awww, sweet. I don't have a gran alive but I'll take Iris Apfel instead, if that's ok)
2. Peter Kay (British comic who sang "Show Me The Way to Amarillo" and made garlic bread into a punch line... I have seen him live twice and bought the DVDs. I am starting to suspect we have something in common here.)
3. Morrissey. (Are. You. Serious? Only one of my holy music alliance of Cash, Cave and Morrissey.)
Right. Quite aside from the fact that Aggy is fun, so very pretty and does amazing charity work in Africa, I am all over her right now. She is so my new bestie. Sorry Posh, we got a new fashion girl in town.

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