Friday, May 27, 2011

Oprah Has Set the News and Entertainment Agenda for Years

Yesterday I came across a collection of all the non-O magazine covers that Oprah has appeared on in the past quarter century. It amazed and inspired me to see how she has not just been a part of creating media content, but has also endlessly been the subject of media content. Making the covers of Time, Fortune and Newsweek, just for example, really cements her position as the most powerful woman in the world. But she has been just as at home on the cover of more fashion-y, populist titles like Good Housekeeping, Vanity Fair and even Vogue back in the mid-nineties.
Our readers tell us that Oprah is, for them, one of the biggest and most glamorous celebrities in the world. Looking up to her and being inspired by her style, her philosophy and her success is something that women in South Africa, and the world over, routinely share with us. It is her unique combination of heart, flash and depth that appeals to us, gives us all permission to be a complete human being. To strive for success, however, we define it. To enjoy the latest sexy shoes just as much as reading a good novel or investing in a relationship. As long as we do it all with love.
Even though her message will soon no longer be on our screens every day, it will always be front and centre in her magazine. So keep reading, and keep sharing your stories with us. And keep wearing those great shoes! Please.

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