Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Runners: Agyness Deyn, Henry Holland and David Gandy

I posted last week about model Agyness Deyn and her best friend, designer, Henry Holland running the London Marathon in support of Oxfam (calling themselves, together with top male model, David Gandy, the Oxglam squad), specifically benefitting charities in Tanzania. Well, yesterday they all did it and successfully completed what they set out to do for their charities. 
While Aggy found it a spiritual experience, Henry is bleating non-stop about being in pain - all in hilarious Twitter bon mots. I will say it again. These guys are my heros. They guys are welcome to visit Africa any time - we completely appreciate them putting themselves through this to benefit those less fortunate on our continent. Running a marathon is hell on earth for most of us and to commit to doing it for people in a different part of the world is truly selfless. I do hope that thoughts of how their pain would alleviate the pain of others kept them going - especially in those last few miles.
PS: No, I have never run a marathon. But I have run a half, in a pretty good time too. And that was it for me - running not being my thing. But I have an inkling of what it is like and I have the deepest respect.

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