Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Design Indaba: David West

Ahh, David West. Never has a designer appealed so much to a personal aesthetic I never knew I had. I'm serious. David West breaks all my rules. Resets my expectations every time. And schools me, I mean really schools me, in re-imagining what is possible with fabric and fashion. To my mind, he is the most exciting and innovative designer of wearable clothes in the country.
This time out, David showed his collection in two related parts. The first was the Victorian funeral procession looks - all austere monochrome and bustles. Obviously I loved it. Right up my alley. And so much detail there, guys. I asked David afterwards how easy it is to produce these magnificent skirts for sale, and he told me that he has never done so much unpicking in his life, but now that have it sorted and shouldn't be a problem. Good. Because I want one.
Then we moved on to, what I call the "Aztec Warrior" section. David had a very good and rational explanation of how they interrelated and the evolution of the narrative. And I totally appreciated that. But really, I just liked it a lot. I loved the introduction of pattern and how the different fabrications co-existed in a non-intuitive way. It made my heart soar. I liked that he could take Victoriana and warrior and make a 70s trend nod with both. He is so very talented. Well played West.
David West is available from his store in Long Street, Cape Town.

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