Friday, February 25, 2011

Trend Alert: Oversized Geek Glasses

At Design Indaba yesterday, it has become apparent that my giant, enviable, vintage spectacles are no longer mine alone. Everywhere you look there are hipsters in large, black-frames glasses.
Obviously, it is a trend, although I am fighting admitting it as I really don't want to have to give mine up when they are no longer cool. In fact, when I was at London Fashion Week last week, I got stopped and asked several times about my specs. It warmed my heart but sent a shiver down my spine at the same time. Argh, the vagaries of fashion. The dastardly middle-class problems I have!
And now look, Oscar presenter, Anne Hathaway, lovely as she is, is wearing them. Sigh. Really? Already? What should I do? Let me know.

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