Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sylvie Says: Ombre-s It!

(Really? That's the heading she sends? Like this blog is a cheap and tacky tabloid! Humph. But I did warn you yesterday in my trends piece that ombre hair was on its way...and here it is. Enjoy.)
Hi all. So its a rare thing indeed when Robyn and I disagree on a trend. I finally got her to agree that my much coveted Swedish Hasbeen’s Jodphur Clogs were ‘ok’ but I’m not allowed to tell a soul. And I granted her her long pleated skirt (with a minimum of whining). But we cannot reach agreement on Ombre hair.
You see – I like it. She doesn’t. I like it so much that if I had Hair with a capital H I would do it, but I don’t. I have a crop, and if I did it, I would look like I had a crop with frosted tips. And that’s definitely a look we agree to hate on!
I loved it when I first saw it on Drew and Nicole – and I think my buddy Kate Moss may even have done it for a fraction of a style second. And it sort of reminds me of Debbie Harry.
But, there are rules:

  1. It should not look as if your roots are growing out;
  2. It should look as if your roots are growing out EVENLY;
  3. The tips should be coloured regularly to keep them fresh and not all dried out and dusty;
  4. Ditto the roots;
  5. It can be done with extensions – BUT (again with the but) they must be fresh, human hair, high quality, beautifully coloured and well maintained;
  6. Ombre hair is not an excuse for shampoo dodging – neither is matte hair for that matter;
  7. Dip dying your ombre hair in hot pink or orange is not a look;
  8. Matching your dip dyed ombre hair to your buddy’s.... Well I think you know the answer to this one.
Try Huey or Nicole at Love Hair Salon – they’re hip and they know about stuff like this
LOVE, 5 Wandel Street, Dunkley Square Gardens, Cape Town or

[Obviously we are deeply grateful to MasterCard and L'Oreal Paris, as ever, for sending us to London so we could discover the trends first, for you]

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