Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 London Fashion Week Must Have Trends

We are going to have an entire conversation at some point about what people dress for at fashion weeks these days. However, just for you, I braved the cold at London Fashion Week this year and tried to capture all the street style trends that I could see. There are some trends that need their own posts, but here are the 10 must-have trends for this winter.

1. Leopard print scarf
2. Wider leg jeans
3. Platform ankle boots
4. A cape. Maybe more than one.
5. A bright red coat or jacket. Or cape.
6. Flatform shoes. (Although I will not be embracing this one. Sorry.)
7. Ombre hair (see above)
8. A furry jacket
9. A fedora
10. Brogues. Lots of them.

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