Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Red Carpet: Jade Jewellery - Who Wore it Best?

One of the most striking trends of the Oscars Red Carpet in 2011 was the popularity of jade jewellery pieces (thanks to Angelina). For me the winner of the trend-off is unquestionably the mighty Annette Benning. Not only do I love her for always, always looking just prop-vol delight to be where ever she happens to be, but I think she has chosen exactly the right earrings for her outfit and hair.
Someone needs to have a quiet word with lovely Amy Adams who has cleverly combined navy and jade, but who seems to have done 'a Nicole Kidman' - you know, the unnecessary jewellery on top of dress syndrome...
Celine has gone all old school, so we will just leave it there and Reece has kept it simple and pretty, unlike the hair. But Annette is just perfect. It makes me happy.
Don't hesitate to try this yourself. Grab yourself a wonderful jade piece from the markets or accessory stores and team it with navy, black, green, grey or white. Keep your hair up for earrings, your d├ęcolletage open for a neckpiece, and you will be great.

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