Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unathi Msengana Styles Idols Cape Town Auditions

So I didn't think that I would be getting involved in discussing fashion on SA Idols from the first episode, but I need some help here guys. How lovely did preggie Unathi Msengana look at the first auditions, here in Cape Town? Hey? What a beautiful dress. And one that could work just as well for the non pregnant ladies. (And a few chaps, if the auditions are anything to go by! Fabulocity!) And it had POCKETS!
Ok, so love all round for frock number one. But who designed it? Where did it come from? I know how helpful you guys are usually when it comes to these things, so please pitch in. I am dying to know.
It was also lovely to see Nolly as the first audition up. I had the good fortune to meet and work a tiny bit with Nolly a couple of years ago. She is a delight and I really hope she goes far in the competition. I will be rooting for her of course. And that rocker guy.
And can we just have a moment for The Brothers Streep. Um, why didn't they get more of a chance? I hope they enter SA's Got Talent next time round. I'll bet Anele and Rob would be loving them! See them featured on Graham Norton by clicking here and download the 'Idols' song here for free.
UPDATE: Unathi herself responded to my tweet and let me know that, "Asanda Madyibi who was head designer of Sun Goddess who has now gone solo," designed this lovely frock. Such a winner and so looking forward to the rest of the series. If Unathi's quick response is anything to go by, we should have access to lots of fashion inside info. I will keep you posted.

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