Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patrick Grant

Grant has discussed with Britain's The Guardian the 5 things he knows about style

The the 5 things Patrick Grant has said he knows about style are:
1 Keep it simple. I've always been into tailored clothes, so I don't like anything too fussy. I started borrowing my dad's 1960s suits when I was 14 and they fitted me for a while, but then I grew out of them.
2 I'm not a fan of denim. I spent the best part of a year looking for the perfect shoes for jeans. Eventually I realised it wasn't the shoes that were a problem, it was the damn jeans. I don't like them.
3 There are no rules. Wear what works for you. I tend to wear one or two colours as a base and then a little pop of something else. I try to make sure everything is harmonious.
4 British men's fashion is coming back to life. We were a dominant force right up until the Peacock Revolution, then the Italians took over. There seems to be a real momentum behind British menswear houses now.
5 There's a backlash against a couple of decades of scruffiness. There was a revulsion during the Thatcher era towards fat cats and suits. Now men are sharpening up again.
The above photo of Patrick Grant comes via Vanessa Jackman.

 Patrick Grant, the man behind Norton & Sons on Savile Row and the rejuvenation of E. Tautz.

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