Monday, June 13, 2011

Jennifer Antiston Hams It Up in US Marie Claire July 2011

It is hard to remember why we fell in love with Jennifer Aniston sometimes. Our emotions have been toyed with beyond recognition, by the media, the roles she plays and her own control issues. It is really difficult not to see her as the desperate singleton, somehow incapable of keeping a man due to her own crazy. And I say all of this as someone who can totally empathise due to my own fair share of the crazy.
But then I remember that Jen is a comic actress. There is no finer an example from my generation of a truly gifted purveyor of cute comedy. Of self deprecating humour, wound up in a shared tragedy of life experience. I grew up with Friends, in all incarnations of what that means. And when Jen rolls out the comedy in this form, she warms to our hearts once more. Clever, clever Marie Claire for recognising that and styling her latest fashion story to capture that essential bit of her. I may have fallen a bit for her all over again in this story.
Of course it REALLY doesn't hurt that the lovely Jason Bateman (her co-star along with Andy Sudeikis and Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses) is in the story too. Love him big time.
Jen wears Ann Demeulemeester, Michael Kors and Bottega Veneta, by the by. The boys wear Tom Ford mostly. And a bit of Armani.

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