Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blake Lively Gets Her Legs Out In Designer Dresses

Well, now we know that Blake Lively knows that she has awesome legs. Getting her pins out at absolutely every opportunity may grow a bit wearying but I am going to stick with it for now as the last outfit she wore (the yellow Chloe) fell below the knees, and she just seems like such a fun gal. If she wasn't quite so young I would defs include her in book club. Seriously. She just seems like a riot of girlie japery. A veritable hoot. And so glossy and pretty.
And she sure does know her way around an outfit. She styles herself, remember. And yet has managed to get three great outfits out in a 24 hour period. Between Blake and Kate Middleton, stylists everywhere must be quaking in their boots, such a good job is being done with self-service.
Blake is, of course promoting her new movie block buster, The Green Lantern. She trotted out a cool Marc by Marc Jacobs mini and black Loubs on Monday night, a delightful turquoise Tibi mini and leopard print Loubs on Tuesday morning, concluding with a gorgeous polka-dot mini and pink Loubs on Live With Regis and Kelly - only it wasn't Kelly it was Betty White instead. Betty White peeps. Now there is a lady that should be part of my fantasy book club! Well played Blake.

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