Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Want to Know Who Beyonce Wore in Her New Video 'Rule the World (Girls)'?

I know there are A LOT of Beyonce fans who read this 'ere blog, and so I thought it important that we analyse the sheer fiesta of couture she donned for her spectacular new video for the single Rule the World (Girls)! It is a veritable smorgasbord of the best in designer genius.
Starting with my top three looks, we have Alexander McQueen to open the video. Totes on trend. Totes appropes for this single. It is followed by an incredible gold Gareth Pugh ensemble, including the shoes. This was the bit of the vid that I had to stop and rewind, just to get that first glimpse again. Sigh. And then the other undisputed fashion winner was that buttercup yellow Emilio Pucci split-side dress that allowed for some of the best dancing of the track. Awesome.
Special mentions go to the 'Pantsula' outfit of Norma Kamali shorts and Alexander Wang boots. But I may be baised by the local boys from Mozambique. The two epic dresses are from Jean Paul Gautier and Givinchy Haute Couture and really speak to the extremity of the boundaries of this video.
I have to say this. My musical idols run more to Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Morrissey (the holy axis of musical genius). But they never produced a music video that needed hours of my fashion brain applied to it. They never took my breath away with a beat of a shiny gold boot or the swish of a fringed bolero. And so, while I am not Anele-like in my love of Mrs Z, I will give her props for the most fashion-forward video I have ever known. I love her for giving me this gift. Right. Off to rule the world.

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