Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pippa Middleton Style Watch Episode 1

Well if young Pippa Middleton is going to carry on like she has in the past week, we are going to have to keep a running watch on her style. On the one hand, she is kinda starting to look effortlessly city-chic, in a way that is completely accessible. I think that it is the devices she uses and I will point those out to you. But not before I also hasten to point out, on the other hand, that she also makes some small errors.
Starting with the clever tricks:
1. Her dresses are the perfect length. For a twenty-something with great legs, Pippa manages to get the length of her frocks absolutely spot on. They are short, of course, to show off the pins. But they are also at the most flattering place on the mid-thigh. This is NOT at the shortest length, please understand ladies.
2. She embraces a splash of colour. This helps her stand out without being too loud. It also nods to latest trends, and adds a soupcon of Parisian flair that helps her look put-together.
3. Her sunglasses are face-flattering, designer and big. But not too big. This definitely looks good on her as I often thing she falls into that too-heavy-on-the-bottom-eyeliner trap as her sister.
4. She has fantastic classic leather bags. They ooze class. You simply can't fake the power of a good quality handbag.
The mistakes. Well, these are no surprises.
1. Those white wedges. Unflattering, unstylish and very old. They do not look young, chic and trendy. Both her and her sister love the wedge, but I think that it is not their best look. A great sandal would be a much better option.
2. That beige Whistles jacket. I am not sure if they both have one, or if Pippa lent this one to Kate, but it is revolting. It must be stopped. Let's start a Facebook group to get rid of the beige zip-up jacket!
Aside from that, until the beige pantihose and the boots come back in winter, she seems to have everything else nailed. Well played sister Pippa.

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