Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Cover Vanity Fair July 2011

With a never-before-released engagement photo by Mario Testino covering the July issue of Vanity Fair, we are in for some insights into the royal couple that will make them seem even more adorbs to us. First of all Kate is wearing high street fashion, as she is prone to do. This has a triple benefit of being appropriate for an age of austerity, totally accessible for all the young girls who want to look like her, and making Kate herself feel comfortable and as if her life hasn't changed TOTALLY - something the couple are working very hard on maintaining in all aspects of their new life together.
Apparently the article will reveal how they went about house hunting, who does the chores in their Angelsey home and other thrilling and intimate bon mots like that.
I was more interested in the news today that Kate is putting together her wardrobe for the impending tour of Canada, without assistance from a stylist or lady-in-waiting. She has called in some frocks and will decide herself what 40 or so outfits she will pack, representing the best of British fashion. As a fashion editor who often has to put together a bunch of outfits, I can tell you, this is no easy task and will take her some time to get it all together - even if she does get sent everything she wants. Planning exactly the right balance of pieces for every different type of social engagement, when all the eyes of the world are on her, scrutinising the success or failure of every single outfit (or will that just be me??), is a gargantuan project and I totally respect that she is going to give it a whirl.
I understand that a stylist or lady-in-waiting may go with on the actual tour to do the unpacking, steaming and flower holding (it's all glamour in our line of work), but the preparations are all the work of Kate herself. Amazing.

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