Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 10 Winter Trends from AFI Joburg Fashion Week 2011

While I was swanning about London last month, attending fashion week, our very own AFI Joburg Fashion Week was taking place. I was pretty sad to miss a few of the shows and my lack of presence was noted. And commented on. Look, I don't feel great missing the local shows, but you have to take your opportunities where you can get them and I was WORKING. Right. Got it? Good.
Anyhoodle, luckily my ever-brilliant fashion assistant, Luisa, was there in my place and she put together a great slide show of the top 10 trends to emerge from Joburg Fashion Week for this winter.
It seems that there are also some great local designers who really nailed these trends, so there is simply no excuse not to buy local this season.
You can see the slide show by clicking here.
All images by SDR Photo

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