Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Riddle of Marisa Tomei and the Choice of the Oscar Dress

Marisa Tomei presented the technical Oscars this year. You know, she was the Anne Hathaway of the awards no one cares about. (Well aside from me and my friend Arnold who, many years ago, decided we were going to choose our Sunday night videos - yes, that long ago - based on who the Key Grip was. Or the Best Boy. We were young and foolish. It was fun.) And she wore a vintage, navy blue, Charles James couture gown from the 1950s that she had in her wardrobe and was waiting for an opportunity to don. My best fashion friend, Chris Viljoen, declared it his "groot rok van die aand" (big dress of the night) but it met with widespread disdain from most fashion critics. Mostly because it wasn't terribly flattering on her figure.
And then she turned up at the Vanity Fair after party in that dazzling bright pink asymmetric sheath and most people were wondering why she hadn't rocked that on the red carpet.
My view? I love the navy dress, but not the fit. I think that for a 46-year-old woman she is incredibly beautiful and the navy allows her fragility and girlishness to shine through. I get why she loved it so much, but I am not sure she would have worn it if she knew how it would photograph. The pink is brilliant. She looks incredible and it is accessorised perfectly. For me, pink wins. What about you?

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