Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pregnant Fashion Women in Heels - Are They For Reals?

My mate and designer Victoria Beckham is having a wee girlie soon, to join her brood of boys. She is about five months along. Uber-stylist Rachel Zoe is pretty much at full term now. We don't know what she is having yet. But girl or boy, they will be beautifully dressed from day one.
And yet, both these amazing women are still tripping along the streets of LA in gargantuan heels. Really? Is this now what we expect from preggers fashion celebs? I sincerely hope not.
I will always argue that a pair of beautiful flats can rival a heel for day-wear any time. Just think about Audrey Hepburn in her black ballet flats. Or even Selma Blair - photographed yesterday in her black flats at eight months pregnant. My collection of Jimmy Choo flats and flops are just as lovely as my collection of heels - and often less predictable. Even Kaiser Karl and Li Edelkoort have agreed it is the time of flat shoes now.
I guess these ladies are choosing to wear their heels for their own reasons - hopefully for limited periods of time - and are not feeling under any pressure from the fashion peeps to do so. They do look fantastic. But definitely not comfortable! And I always think that being truly relaxed, grounded and at ease breeds confidence which is naturally stylish. #justsaying

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