Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Morning Giggle: Steve Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jude Law

I love this photo of American Idol judges, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson. It properly made me laugh from my core. I mean, first of all, they are just a treat on the show. There is just enough crazy, just enough proper expertise and just enough niceness to make it fresh and unpredictable. And Jennifer Lopez brings the glamour. I have to say, I actually wait to see what outlandish, foppish, insane outfit brilliance Stevie-boy is going to bring every week - it is an even better game than what JLo is wearing.
You have got to love it. Those scarves. Best. Fun. Ever.
And then I saw this pic of dear Jude Law. I know he is a handsome lad. But what are these aging blokes up to? It is time to put those high tops away, love. All I can hear is the sound of the Sharon Stone Express and it is heading your way.

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