Thursday, March 3, 2011

London Fashion Week Street Style: Turban Head Scarves

It is not very often these days that I play dress-up at home, experimenting with new fashions and trends. But I have done so twice in the past week, one of the times to try out this trend I spotted at London Fashion Week - and have subsequently already seen in Cape Town (albeit at uber-hip Design Indaba). We are of course talking about the turban head scarf.
I have seen it done it two different ways - largely dependent, it turns out from my experimenting, on the size of the scarf. The first is as a narrow and around the head - this is better suited to the long scarf or the smaller scarf. And the other is what I would call a 'nanny' style, covering the whole head and better for the square scarf.
I am defs going to be rocking this look this winter - if I can stop my nearest and dearest laughing loudly at me when I do. You should too. It's cool.
Thanks must go to MasterCard and L'Oreal Paris for sponsoring our trip to London Fashion week.

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