Sunday, March 6, 2011

London Fashion Week Street Style: Tights and Socks

So here are the three key lessons for winter when it comes to tights and socks.
1. Stripes are the new patterns. Put away your lace patterns this winter and pick up a pair of striped tights. It is the more minimal and modern way to wear them this year. Henry Holland has made an industry of them in the UK, so if you can find a pair of his, so much the better.
2. Socks are knee-length and perfect for teaming with skirts in the new length. Black is fine but grey is better.
3. Opaques are, of course, ubiquitous for winter. Just remember, the freshest way to wear them is as if you have no trousers on. But you do. Shorts usually. I, of course, will not be participating in this fashion charade. I will be using my opaques as usual, as tights. But it is my job to tell you guys how it is being done, so please forgive.
Thanks as usual to MasterCard and L'Oreal Paris for making the London Fashion Week trip possible.

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