Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Two and Mememe Cheapy McCheap Cheap End of Summer Sale

I never just cut and paste PR copy. First of all, I always have my own crazy story to tell you, so it is almost never relevant. In fact, unless the press release is great, I seldom read past the second paragraph. And second, PR copy sounds like PR copy, and you guys would totes give me a hard time about it. But this headline is copied verbatim from my friend Miss Milli B's email. Anything that uses the phrase "Cheapy McCheap Cheap" gets my vote.
So gang, if you are in Jozi next week, get your stylish selves down to the Two/Mememe sale in Parkhurst and  then come back here and boast about your fashion bargains.
Milisuthando works tirelessly to promote local fashion and has been the rallying voice behind wearing SA fashion on a Friday in Joburg. Blogger, retailer, fashionista, writer, she is also magazine star in the latest March issue of O Magazine. Go and check her out now if you haven't bought your copy!

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